Assurance Pet and Home Sitters | Pet sitters and Pet Sitting for Birmingham, AL
In-your-home, overnight pet sitting services for Birmingham, AL and surrounding metros. Let your pets stay at home. Professional. Bonded. Insured.
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About Us

 Professional. Bonded. Insured.

Assurance Pet and Home Sitters began its operations in January of 2009.  Its members have many years of experience in pet and home sitting services.  APHS was formed in order to bring the same reliable, experienced, and trustworthy service provided to friends and family for many years, to the greater Birmingham pet owning community.  Our core missions are to provide professional and attentive care to our pet clients, and assurance and peace of mind for their owners.  Our same level of professionalism extends to our home sitting clients as well.

APHS is a privately owned company started by life-long friends who discovered along life’s journey their passion for pets, pet care, and the personal joys gained from providing superior customer experiences to pets and their owners. If you’ve been looking to try out a pet or home sitter but were hesitant in the past, give us a call.  We’ll be happy to sit down with you, answer your questions, provide you references, and assure you of our quality, dependability, and trust.


Dog Services

At APHS we love dogs!  Most of our sitters grew up with dogs, have owned dogs, and understand the joy that comes with a wet sloppy kiss on the cheek from a happy dog!  To us, there’s no better testament to our service than that!  Below is a list of services with pricing that APHS provides.

Cat Services

At APHS we understand cats.  They’re right.  We’re wrong.  We are here to serve them and the sooner we humans recognize this, the better.  Your APHS sitter is someone who is familiar with cat rules and can perform accordingly.  All of our sitters have had extensive training in the key areas of: subservience; the art of genuflecting when your cat enters the room; scratching your cats ears and head; and learning not to move once the cat has settled in on your chest for a nice long nap.  The training is arduous, but we want to make sure your cat receives the same treatment from us as they would from you.

House Sitting Services

The biggest reason to use a bonded and insured APHS house sitter is for peace of mind. When someone is living in your home or checking on it daily while you are away, you know it is secure and cared for in your absence. Even if your home is in a nice neighborhood or secluded location where you think it will be safe, theft, vandalism, and unforeseen storm damage can occur. Having someone in your home or checking on it daily greatly increases the level of crime deterrence and assures that any unexpected trouble that arises is immediately addressed, before further damage can result.