Assurance Pet and Home Sitters | House Sitting Services for Birmingham, AL
In-your-home house sitting services for Birmingham, AL and surrounding metros. Protect your home while you are away. Professional. Bonded. Insured.
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House Sitting Services

In-Your-Home, overnight house sitting services $25/night

Daily Security Checks $15/visit


Are you transitioning to another job out of state and have been unable to sell your house before you leave? Or perhaps you have a long business trip or vacation planned. Don’t worry, the professionals at Assurance Pet and Home Sitters are here to help.  Our dependable and trustworthy professionals will make sure that your house maintains that lived-in look while you’re away.

All APHS sitters are bonded and insured, so if anything were to ever happen you can rest assured in knowing that because we’re covered, you’re covered.

What we provide in an overnight house sitting service:

  • Bringing in the mail, newspapers, and packages
  • Rotating Lights on and off
  • Opening/Closing curtains
  • Taking out and bringing in garbage cans to and from the curb
  • Simple pool care
  • Plant Watering
  • Providing a crime deterrence by giving your house a lived-in look while you’re away